'Rustic, authentic' downtown guys's

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'Rustic, authentic' downtown guys's clothes shop opens Wednesday

Mustache wax, hatchets, bar soap, coffee and, of course, guys's clothes.

It's not a lumberjack's shopping list, it's exactly what's for sale at a new men's clothes shop opening in downtown BaY City Wednesday.

Albert's General Store, 809 Adams St., will open at noon June 1, owner Laura Horwath stated.

Horwath opened a women's clothes store, Ferne Boutique, in August 2015. After repeated comments from customers preferring guys's clothing of that quality, Horwath chose Albert's may be exactly what downtown needs.

" There aren't a lot of specialty stores for guys," she said. "I've had a great deal of people in the Tri-Cities say, 'Are you going to bring guys's clothes?'".

Albert's General Store will carry T-shirts, button-downs, denims, socks, grooming products and other accessories, such as hatchets.

" You're not going to discover these items at Target, JC Penny," Horwath said.

The store's name, along with features of its visual, stem from the grandpa of Horwath's other half.

" He was a difficult worker-- worked for GM and was in the military," she said. "We wanted to keep that hard-working, authentic principles throughout our store, keeping it basic, keeping it original and keeping it quality.".

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